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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

RECRUITMENT NOTICE [imuR88 and Wasurenai]

imuR88 and Wasurenai is currently recruiting the following positions to do some "Sub-Remake"(Subs ripping) projects... We're not a speed sub so it should be quite relaxing to work with us...(I hope...)

For all positions, please apply through Webbmaster62 or me (fireboy88) on mIRC [#imur88-Subs@irc.rizon.net or #Wasurenai@irc.rizon.net) ... though I'm usually not available on irc....LOL... For K-fxer, please apply through my email address at fireb88@gmail.com with your previous works uploaded to mediafire or megaupload.

Positions Opening [Basically everything...):

Translators (CN-EN OR JP-EN)
Scope: Basically helping Wasurenai to translate shows from scratch since Webbmaster62 don't like the idea of Sub-Ripping.

Translation Checkers (JP-EN ONLY)
Scope: Helping Webbmaster62 do any translation checks he need.

Timers (Includes Karaoke-Timer)
Scope: Helping both groups (imur88 and Wasurenai) in timing the scripts for the shows we're doing.

Scope: Handles all the typesets within the show. Typeset should merge into the scene quite nicely and no just pasting english text over the japanese text.

Karaoke Fxer [IMPORTANT Position]
Scope: Making karaoke effects for Opening/Ending Songs or even any Insert Song when lyrics is available. Please upload a copy of your previous works (Mediafire or Megaupload preferred) and send it to fireb88@gmail.com for inspection. Lua Scripting preferred over Adobe AfterEffects.

Scope: Edit for Vocabulary/Grammar mistakes... Checking for translations error isn't under job scope.

Scope: Encodes for both groups (imuR88 and Wasurenai). MUST know how to encode from Transport Streams and into AVI [QPEL NOT RECOMMENDED] (SD HARDSUBBED) and MKV (HD SOFTSUBS). Of course, you need to have good upload speed to upload the encoded files to our FTP.

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